Don't be so naive! If an insurance company wants to send your vehicle to one of "their" shops, chances are that shop and the insurance company are partnered together to save the insurance company money at your expense. We recommend you take your vehicle to a non-drp repair facility, someone who will be repairing the vehicle for "you" and not the insurance company.

You can take your vehicle to one of "their" facilities if you want to, but we can guarantee they will not be repairing that vehicle with your best interest in mind.

Remember this, it's against the law for them to dictate where your vehicle gets repaired.

Don't let them sway your decision by telling you:

-"If you go to another shop we won't be able to look at your vehicle for a few weeks."

-"We don't warranty their work."

-"They aren't one of our "preferred" shops."

-"We can pay "our" shop directly, and your vehicle will be finished quicker."

-"Our shops are 'easier to work with'."

The insurance company will say they won't pay storage charges on your total loss vehicle while you are settling, "You must move it to one of our lots to stop the storage".

Don't believe it.

This site was made to educate you, the consumer, to help you through the auto claim process without the lies and deception the insurance company and DRP shops may throw at you. Use it to your advantage. Take your time and study the information provided, we guarantee it's worth it! And keep checking back for updates, as we have no doubt that when insurance companies get wind of what we are trying to do here, they'll make changes and offer up new tricks and deceptions.

I would like to add that I'm not saying all body shops who have DRP's are bad. Many of them have been corrupted by insurance companies, forced to conform through strong arm tactics. If you want your car repaired at a shop that participates in DRP, we would suggest you make sure they are not a DRP for the insurance company that is handling your claim. There are also a few good insurance companies who don't participate in DRP programs.

Are you being mislead?
There is a good chance you probably are.