Your insurance company does not accept counterfeit money for your premiums, so why should you accept counterfeit parts on your car?!

You CAN legally ask for genuine parts

Aftermarket Parts

​​What are aftermarket parts? Counterfeit parts! Insurance companies have shifted from calling these parts "counterfeit/imitation" parts to calling them "aftermarket", because it sounds better. They are parts made by manufactures other than the original manufacturers of the vehicles. 

-->Counterfeit parts may void your manufacturer warranty and will decrease the value of your vehicle.

Is the quality the same? No. These parts are much lower in quality than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Although the insurance company may lead you to believe an imitation part is just as good as an OEM, the truth is it's not. Besides being less expensive, and in turn saving the insurance company money, the quality fit and finish is also substandard. Safety is another concern, as most of these parts have not been crash tested. Watch the video below where Honda shows that the aftermarket parts cause delay in airbag deploy.



To make this simple, let us explain it this way. Suppose you went to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry and it had some diamonds or precious stones in it. You purchased insurance and now you have lost the diamond. You call the insurance company and they tell you they'll take care of it, but they're going to replace your diamond with a Quality Replacement part (QRP Diamond) or a counterfeit diamond. They tell you it's just like the original, it looks and functions just like the diamond you had, but it's much cheaper and it's really a cubic zirconia. The problems start when you go to sell or trade in that "knock off" diamond. You are financially penalized because it's not the real thing. You have to ask yourself, would you allow that to happen to your diamond? Probably not, but that's what most auto insurance companies are doing today with replacement parts for your vehicle. They will tell you they will stand behind it and guarantee it for life should anything happen to it. But an insurance company cannot guarantee anything, they will try to force their Direct Repair Shop they have agreements with to absorb the cost.


Do I have to accept counterfeit parts on my vehicle? No!

There is no strict answer to that question, but in many cases, no. It makes a big difference if you are the insured (accident was your fault) or claimant (you were hit by someone else). In the case of a claimant you have more leverage with the insurance company. If you are an insured filing a claim, you should always check your policy. Some policies have provisions that allow for using non-OEM parts, or other provisions that are not in your best interest. Don't let the insurance representative mislead you

Take them to court! 

You do not have to accept the imitation parts. We have not yet heard of a case where the customer did not get OEM parts after taking the case to court/ threatening to take it to court.