Most claims representatives have guidelines they have to go by. The wording on a lot of these guidelines were created by some of the best psychologists in the country. They try to confuse you by using certain wording and scare tactics. Some of the wording you should look out for:

  • We need to move your car to our lot to stop the storage fees.
  • It will be more convenient to take your car to our shop. 
  • We don't guarantee their work.
  • Preferred provider
  • Capa-certified
  • Prevailing rate
  • They charge too much 
  • Hostile shop
  • It will take longer 
  • You will have to pay the difference/ You will have to pay for rental.
  • We only pay what's fair
  • They are the only shop who charges for that. 

These are just a few examples of one-liners they will use to try to brainwash you into saving them money, which may put your safety at risk.

Don't listen to these statements.

Don't Be Brainwashed by the Claim Representative