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Diminished Value

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision, even after a proper repair, its market value will be reduced. You may have the right to claim the loss in value from the at fault party's insurance company.


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Right of Appraisal

If you feel like the insurance company is giving you an unfair settlement, this is the best means to negotiate. It's in every insurance policy, it is your right as a consumer. Use it if you feel you are being victimized.


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Don't let insurance companies persuade you to take your vehicle to one of  their "Preferred" shops. Educate yourself and find a shop that has "your" best interests in mind, not someone obligated to cut corners at your expense.

It's your car. it's your choice.


Steering is illegal, most states have laws in place to prevent steering. That means even if they are pressuring you to take your vehicle to their "Preferred" shop, you don't have to comply.


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​​If you were going to sue someone, would you use "their" attorney? No."Their" attorney would be looking out "their" best interest. When you use the shop the insurance company is steering you to, that shop is looking out for "their" best interest, not yours.

Find someone you can trust.

3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With an Auto Claim!!

1) Using the Insurance Company's DRP (recommended) shop. (reasons why you shouldn't)

2) Releasing your totaled vehicle to the Insurance Company before reaching a settlement. (click here to see why)

3) Allowing claims representative to brainwash you. (click here for more info)

article about DRPs!

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